Records: 27-2 (12 ko's)

Nationalety: Norway

Hometown: Sandvika

Birthplace: Kristiansund

Alias: LittlePrince

Division: Lightwelterweight

Stance: Orthodox

Birthday: 06-12-78

Reach: 5.6 foot

Height: 5`75 foot

Weight: 140 pound

Trainer: Emanuel Stuart

Marital status: Married



Jeg Tapte min 29 kamp mot Slavomir Ziemlewicz i Polen.
Det ble en veldig jevn kamp. Det var en dommer som hadde uavgjordt og to dommere hadde hver av oss som vinner.
Veldig irriterende tap, men men.
Jeg fikk et kutt over høyre øye i den første runden av en skalle. Dette gjorde meg litt reservert også.
Jeg har ingenting annet å klage på enn meg selv. Jeg har spurt om retur match, så da haper jeg at det blir noe av på nyåret. Dette er en fyr som jeg skal slå enkelt med riktig oppkjøring.
Jeg kommer sterkere tilbake.

I lost my 29 fight against Slavomir Ziemlewicz in Poland.
It was a very even match. There was a judge who had a draw and two judges had each of us as winner.
Very annoying defeat, but but.
I got a cut over the right eye in the first round after a headbut. This made me a little too reserved.
I have nothing to complain about, exept myself. I have asked for rematch, so then I hope that will be happening in the beginning of the new year. This is a guy that I should beat easily with the right preparations.
I'll be back.

Posted on 14 Nov 2009 by Geir Inge
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