Records: 27-2 (12 ko's)

Nationalety: Norway

Hometown: Sandvika

Birthplace: Kristiansund

Alias: LittlePrince

Division: Lightwelterweight

Stance: Orthodox

Birthday: 06-12-78

Reach: 5.6 foot

Height: 5`75 foot

Weight: 140 pound

Trainer: Emanuel Stuart

Marital status: Married


The match will be moved

Kampen om IBO Intercontinental tittel har blitt avlyst den 2 februar, men kampen vil bli flyttet til 13 april 2013 i Eberswald, Tyskland

The fight for the IBO Intercontinental title has been canceled on February 2, but the match will be moved to April 13, 2013 in Eberswalde, Germany

Posted on 07 Jan 2013 by Geir Inge
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Lets hope you got something in the tank. How is training? and sparring?
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